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Concentrating While Studying

There can be a lot of different reasons which affect a person’s academic success. For example, a person can study a lot but not get as high grades as someone else who studies less. The environment the person studies can be one of the most important factors that affect the efficiency of the study process. According to many different studies, a quiet place is a much better option than a loud place to study at. However, when a person has a lot of siblings, especially young siblings, the environment in the house can be quite loud even if the household tries to keep it as quiet as possible. Having a loud house isn’t of course a barrier if you have other places like libraries or cafes to study at, but if not, it can be a concerning problem.

There are a lot of young students who has many younger or older siblings living with them. This may not be a problem for some but if the family’s economic situation isn’t enough for a large home, some siblings may have to share their room with each other while growing up. And if there is a quite big age difference between these two siblings, it might create a big problem since the older sibling needs to study exams in a quite place while the younger sibling needs to play with toys and stuff because of him or her age. And if the older sibling has problems with concentrating on their lessons, it can cause a lot of issues about studying and focusing.

But there is also a group of students that has many siblings but can study anywhere that has noise or crowd. If the student hasn’t got any problems with focusing and concentrating, it wouldn’t matter to them. But even though you don’t have any problems with studying, having a younger sibling always requires some responsibilities while growing up. So, there might be some times that you have to be busy with your sibling that there might not be enough time for studying enough.

Overall, I think that if a person wants to study, there is no force on Earth to stop but having a younger sibling might be hard sometimes because of a loud environment. And it can sometimes prevent concentrating on studies.

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