“Are we on the same page here Tyler?” I stared at my boss with disgust. His fat cheeks made him look weak. There had not been much hair left on his head, maybe a few strings. His lips looked like he had put lipstick on it. “Tyler ?” “Yes, boss.” “Don’t do it again, understand ?” I nodded with no emotion. I started daydreaming about my parents. My mom, a so-called Christian who was an alcoholic. It had been a while since my dad got his life taken away. I never knew much about my father. Besides the fact that he would get into furious arguments with my mom. 


The days are all the same. Everything is a copy of a copy. I am always sleep deprived. To me there is no night or day. Only time is passing by. The only happiness I have from life is buying. I have filled my house tiptoe with stuff from Ikea. Nothing seems to fulfil me, nothing. I hear the clock ticking in my kitchen. I stare at it. It’s 3 am. I get out to the balcony, look at the ground. While I climb on the balcony railing I reach on to a decision. But then a saver comes. I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an address written on it. My curiosity got the better of me. I hopped in my car and went to the destination. It was what you would call a “life changing moment”. I arrived in a red and crippled building. For some reason the place seemed marvellous but scary. I accidentally stepped on a bug. Its head got smashed. I saw blood coming out like ketchup. When I entered the apartment I was greeted with two men screaming. From the sound it felt like they were gonna kill each other. I opened the door. The men stopped, turned around. “Hello, son.” My jaw dropped. The person in front of me was my long lost dad. “Dad, how are you alive?” He took a deep breath. “Let me explain.” He went on to tell me that he used to work for a terrorist group. But when they had a big conflict the men tried to kill my father. So he had been spending most of his life hiding and running. “This is a lot, dad, it’s too much.” “I know, son. I must request something deadly important from you.” I had to deal with the head of the organisation and take him out. We discussed a plan which was deeply thought out.


Just as we were heading out we heard a loud engine noise. My dad understood the situation in a few seconds and started running. His friend, a psychopath screamed he had enough. Took out a pistol and put it in his mouth. I heard a loud noise, it was terrifying. I was so shocked I couldn’t move. Meanwhile my dad had already escaped. Next thing I knew they were heavy guns around me. I was all alone again. Nobody could predict what would happen next. The men started screaming. I couldn’t hear them because their sound were distorted. The only thing I thought of was the coffee machine at work.

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