Contradiction of Views

Belief is the angle at which we instinctively feel close to something and find our own thoughts and feelings with it logical. Beliefs vary from person to person, they exist in each culture in its own adapted form.

This argues that when people hear from their surroundings, read or interpret the life they are in, they cannot get anywhere with predictions, and some people do not believe in things that are not proof. 

Some are questioning it. How did we get here? How did this happen? Who did it? Why did he do that?

Some people think that they are getting answers in their own way, but some people think that they are not getting answers to them, that there is no such thing as a person who is not there.

Each belief can contain different thoughts or personality types for itself. All of them receive a name at the time of their location. When we choose to believe in a religion, there are true-false distinctions within that religion and these have shaped the rules or sanctions within the religion.

This contradiction of right and wrong is also determined as a factor that delineates the boundaries of this belief in the prohibitions that are shaped by the rules that are established.


Does the necessity of something make a person a slave? Does an unregulated or unlimited life make a person Free?

The boundaries drawn to people are certain, and it is up to the will of man whether to comply with them or not. A person can turn himself into a slave. But if he follows his boundaries wisely, this person will have turned himself into a conscious individual, not a slave. 

Although freedom sounds like unlimited life, the freedom of one person is valid until it restricts the freedom of another living being. It is freedom for someone not to interfere, yes, but in order to lead a healthy life in freedom, we must have our own calls.


I disagree with the idea that belief makes a person a slave beliefs do not make a person a slave, but they do not make a slave if a person does not stop managing himself. But faith also does not make people free. There is a freedom of things that is limited by the limits of beliefs, but up to a certain point I disagree with the perception that it has made it completely free or completely ingrained for this reason.

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