Could It Be Better Than the Book?

Recently a lot of producers prefer to adapt the scenarios from books. After all, it’s quite easier to adapt a plot than write a new one. This is just one of the reasons. Apart from this, producers start a project by considering the book’s popularity and the demands of the fans. Also, a certain fan base does not want the movie adaptations because they think it will ruin the special feelings and atmosphere of the book.

And I am one of these fans that do not want adaptations of the books. My opinion is that not every book should be adapted to a movie. If it is to be adapted, sufficient effort must be given. Most of the adapted movies don’t fully reflect the atmosphere of the books. After the movie releases, so many fans of the book are feeling disappointed. Because they can’t have the thing that they imagined while reading the book. It’s sometimes characters, scenarios or settings that disappoints the audience.

I can say that if I am going to watch a book adaptation, I would be very picky. I thoroughly search the actors portraying the characters, how the plot of the movie is explained -is it accurate to the book or not-  and I watch the trailer. If what I see satisfies me and I find it worth watching, I will give it a shot. Because it is really important to feel similar or even the same emotions with the book for me. If I sense so many differences between the book and the movie, I’m not like it or watch it. If I give an example from the Harry Potter series, there were so many missing parts in the movie, but thanks to the atmosphere of the movie and the actors and their acting skills, I was able to ignore these shortcomings. As another example, there is a graphic novel called Heartstopper and it will be adapted into a series next year. When I look at the casting I felt the soul of the character from them. I am sure that it will be an amazing adaptation, I am really excited about it.

To summarize, adapting a book to a movie takes time, money and most importantly effort. Movies that fail to meet these requirements are doomed to low ratings or dislike. If they manage to fulfil these requirements, years of fame and popularity are inevitable. Movies adapted well enough to keep my hopes for a new book to movie adaptations high.

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