Could It Be Possible To Be A Source Of Solar Energy And Happiness At The Same Time?


İt is proved that weather conditions can change people’s emotions. But is it valid for all of them?

We all know that rainy weathers make people depressed. One of the most popular examples is London. İn there, when they see a day which is sunny, they consider themselves lucky. Just because of the weather, 8 percent of the UK are suffering from depression. And women are more likely to have anxiety than men because they are more sensible.

Besides, it is also said that the weather conditions are linked to colours so the one that can change the people’s life is colours not weather conditions. For instance, in rainy days the colours that you can see the most is shades of blue and grey, even we have an idiom about that in English, “under the blue” it means feeling depressed and sad. Or yellow, in sunny days the dominant colours are shades of yellow and orange especially in sunrise and sunset times. İn these times everyone just wants to out and have fun together. And in conclusion to that it creates hunger. Just think about that moment you are in a food court in a shopping mall, when you look around what is the first colour that catches your eye? Yes you are right, yellow. Mc Donald’s, Burger King and nearly all the chain of restaurants like them use yellow in their logo and sometimes menu. When they eat them, it makes them happy because somehow their body secrete dopamine hormone.


There is another theory that they use blue because they think that sad people want to eat more but it is not popular as the yellow one. So all and all, we can all agree that colours, in a roundabout way weather conditions, have a big impact on people’s physiology.

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