Creating Peace by War

Even though we are constantly arguing about how to preserve world peace, there is not a clear answer yet because of the controversy created by opposing ideas. One of this ideas is creating nuclear weapons with narrower range. On the other hand, is creating new weapons for new fights really the answer to our problem?

The most serious side of the mentioned controversy is the fact that we are dealing with nuclear power. This means that we have to be careful with every step we take. Even Einstein was terrified of the power he discovered, so terrified that in order to prevent this power from being weaponized by the Germans, he gave away this information to the USA.  Obviously narrowing the range of the nuclear weapons would make these weapons used more oftenly, which creates countless problems.

One of the issues caused by frequent usage of nuclear weapons is putting human lives in danger. Some people might argue that peope did deserve this punishment. However, according to the Declaration of Human Rights, it is strictly forbidden to violate a person’s right to live, even if they have done the most unbelievable of crimes.

Another problem is the harm on the nature caused by nuclear pollution. If we use nuclear power in order to make the world a more ‘peaceful’ place, there will not be a world to live in anymore. Every year we have a dangerous amount of carbon footprint as humanity. Even if some people may argue that this has to be done for short term, do you believe that this ‘peace’ will be efficient for us in long term?

The current state of security for different nations is the main reason why people are coming up with such abstract ideas such as creating weapons for peace. However, when a state comes up with a new weapon, others will definitely copy the weapon in order to gain power. This will enlarge like a snowball and become another problem for us. So the states will not be safe despite the sacrifices that we will be making.

After considering all the harm that will be potentially done by even the small ranged nuclear weapons, humanity is not ready to fight with the conseequences of such dangerous actions. Even if we do not use the weapons, going through another Cuban Missile Crisis would be quite the opposite of world peace.

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