Creator of Freedom

Religions play a big part on dividing the society into sections. People are constantly divided by their beliefs, which can be both positive and negative. In the cases where beliefs did not seperate people, then those beliefs circulate. How else could we explain the fact that all countries have a major religion that most people follow?

Throughout all of humanity, we needed something to believe in. Whether if it’s a god, some sort of energy or any kind of power. As human beings, we need to have a bigger being than us; otherwise, we don’t have any purposes and we don’t know what to do with this life we are experiencing for the first and last time. In my opinion, believing in a power that is just so unexplainably ginormous is the easy way to go for us. We don’t need to think about the confusing reality of our existences and we get to simply exist. That is why religions take such big place in society. No one wants to get into something that they don’t know what is. I think it’s the fear of the unknown, or maybe fear of something that’s widely known but never spoken of.

How do these religions affect us though? Some might say it helps to hold the society under control. Some might say that it’s the only way we can gather people under one umbrella. I, however, can not think of anything else but the pressure certain religions put on specific races, genders and people with different beliefs.

As someone who grew up in a religious household, I never felt that I needed to question my existence. I was told that god controlled our fate for us and all we needed to do was follow his word. Therefore I never had a single thought about the person I am, why the world is the way it is or anything that actually matters until a very late age. The concept of religion that I was taught limited my thought process. I was never the one to question.

When I did start to think on my own, though. I did understand why all these people in the world chose to follow already existing beliefs instead of questioning. Because it really is unknown, the concept of god and creation. It’s not something human mind is capable of understanding. So, yes, I understand how believing in something bigger than us can keep us under control.

To come to a conclusion, I do think religions enslave us. We are taught to not question it after all, which very much takes away our ability to think. Religions, in no way, could free us. However they can keep us safe. Maybe it’s not the truth. Or maybe it’s not the complete version of truth. Either way, maybe we are better off being enslaved and kept in a mold.

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