Yellow crime scene do not cross barrier tape in front of defocused background. Horizontal composition with selective focus and copy space.


Nowadays crime rates are on the rise around the world. No really effective method has been found yet to reduce the crime rates, especially in Turkey. So there are two ways to prevent crimes, but people do not know which idea is better for the world because they are two opposite thoughts. One thought supports that government should increase the number of prisons and law offices although the other thought supports government should decrease the crime rate and open new laws.

In my opinion, instead of increasing prisons for crimes in a country, we can just eliminate crime completely from our country and make the world a more livable place. If we think more closely erasing all crimes from a country (or the whole world) allows people to live a more comfortable and free life. For example, women would not be murdered for nothing, and girls would not be oppressed by men. Since there would not be an oppressed side if we just clear off the crimes, gender equality is ensured. However, some people expect new offices to be built instead, which will only pollute the environment. Because maintaining justice is much harder than reducing crime rates.

According to other people, because it is really hard to eliminate the crime rates, they want the government to open more prisons and more law offices to maintain world justice. But they just do not know that opening more prisons means more crimes. After a while, due to the increase in the crime rate, people could not walk freely on the street, there will be always a fear inside them, they will worry about their children and their freedom will be lost.

To sum up, there are two ways to solve the problem but people are confused about which one is the better solution for crimes. Reducing crimes is the best way to maintain peace and the safest way to protect people from crime. Otherwise, people’s lives will be at risk and it will be too difficult to achieve world justice.


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