Crime And Children

Does it make you a bad person to commit a crime to feed a hungry child? What would you do if you were in this situation?

I think most people would just ignore the kid and move on. But is this what needs to be done? I think no crime should be committed no matter what. But just because a child’s life is at stake here, committing a crime doesn’t make someone a bad person. On the contrary, he makes a good person because he continues the life of the child. I don’t think that just because each person commits a crime to survive doesn’t make that person a bad person. He did this for a compelling reason. People should be able to commit crimes when necessary for basic needs such as food, shelter, etc., to meet their essential needs, committing crimes does not make them a bad person. But he should not commit any crime except for essential reasons. If he commits a crime except for compelling reasons, it makes him a bad person.

As a result, I think if a person should try to meet his essential needs but cannot meet them and commits a crime, that doesn’t make him a bad person. But on the contrary, if he meets his needs and commits the crime, that makes him a bad person.

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