Crime and Punishment

It can clearly be seen that the current justice system is inefficient and more importantly doing nothing to decrease the crime rates. With the amount of violence of people’s rights we see everyday, crime almost seems normal to us. But the fact that we got used to this is incredibly dangerous. Even more dangerous than the actual crimes from some aspects. But what should we do to decrease the crime rates and protect people?

Some think that increasing the number of prisons would be a solution. However, having more prisoners is not an ideal way to decrease the crime rates because doing that would make it seem like going to prison was usual thing and being penalized would not seem as important as it is. As a consequence committing an offense would be normalized which exactly the opposite of what we aim.

An effective solution should both protect the innocent and punish the criminal in a way that everybody can see what they did was incredibly wrong and will have consequences. Which is why introducing new laws would be a perfect solution for our current problem.

If we had dissuasive punishments for the crimes we suffer the most, it would decrease the rate of those crimes. Initially, it would take attention because the never saw such punishment. Then with the process of learning everybody would know if they committed such a crime, they would suffer accordingly. This would deter them from actually committing the crime.

Of course it would be better and healthier if everybody knew that people’s rights are not to be violated and must be respected, but the initial reaction to this problem must be rapid and critial. This way we can punish the criminals who still commit crimes even though there is seious consequences and protect innocent people from them. Then, it would be clear to everybody that committing crimes is wrong and no good. Obviously this knowledge should already have been clear to everyone but especially with the exposure it could be seen normal. So we need to gain that understanding back as society. The last step would come after most people reached the actual understanding of crimes. The few people who still don’t understand it would be afraid of the consequences they would have to face so they could not risk committing the crime. This way we can protect the people and preserve our rights.

After the first action is taken, only then we can start and try to be a better society and leave a better future where we don’t need these kind of actions to protect our basic rights.

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