Crime for Justice

If you commit a crime to feed a hungry child does it make you a bad person? Or do you commit a crime out of necessity? When we look at this scenario from the ethics part it doesn’t look like a crime but when we look from the perspective of everyone is equal it seems like a crime. It is a very complicated problem because both ideas are like a double-edged knife and both of them have their own evidence. But I think this is not a crime.

When we look at this child we see another crime because according to children’s rights “States Parties shall make the greatest possible effort for the child’s survival and development.” so the child shouldn’t be hungry then firstly government commits a crime to this child and child is a victim. Secondly, the person who commit the crime is I think innocent because he sees the governments fault and at least tried to help a child who needs help at least tried to ensure the main right of a victim and I think we can’t judge him because when we do it means who trying to fix a fault of government is guilty so in this scenario, the crime is a necessity.

On the other hand, when we look at the arguments of the people who say he is guilty they mostly say the rights and justice is equal for all of the people and if the government decide for that later person who does a crime will say we are also want to be equal with the person who committed a crime but not punished so it will look like discrimination. But I think it is not like that if the government can’t provide authority without exemplars it is an indication of the weakness of the state so the person who commits the crime is not guilty and if the state can’t show it to the people it is the fault of the state, not the persons.

Also, justice is not meaning equality in the all-time for me justice is equality that changed by external factors. At the sum I think that committing a crime to feed a hungry child doesn’t make the person bad backwards it should shame the government and when it comes to scenarios like that crime is a necessity. It is crime for justice

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