Crime for Someone’s Needs?

Have you ever done a bad thing or lied to any of your friends for their happiness or goodness? So, is this a crime? First, we should look at what “crime” means. A crime is an illegal act for which someone can be punished by the government. So it is legal. My example is not a big problem, but what if the example was: if you commit a crime to feed a hungry child, does that mean you are a bad person?

So if you commit a crime, you can get punished by the government. Therefore, you are legally a bad person for your country. Most of your relatives will talk to you like you are a bad person, even if you are doing it for a good reason. We cannot change laws with our ideas, and it is impossible to have a good point of view when we commit a crime. It will always happen because we cannot change the laws. To sum up, what I have said so far if you commit a crime, you will be a bad person to someone else who does not know what you think because of the laws. But it is for a person who cannot get his/her own needs by his/herself, it is for goodness and happiness and you want to do it for them. If you commit a crime for them you will feel better than those who do it for themselves.

In my opinion, the government should check the crime more attentively and it doesn’t seem to be a crime for me. Government should check the crimes or they can give those people their needs and no more crime for them will happen. So it is not a crime for me.


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