Criteria of Work Forces

If I were an employer in any sector I would have some criteria for all the people who want to join my team. And these recruitment criteria wouldn’t be simple things that anyone could do. The reason for this is that I only want people that are suitable for this job in my team.

First of all, people who are going to work in my team should be able to protect discipline in any condition because discipline is so needed for productive work. Of course, we will have fun, we will laugh but it should not be too much, without exaggeration. Also, there can be some situations that we need to keep our discipline properly. So that’s why this discipline issue is important for me.

Second, the people who are going to work in my team should be different from the other people because why would I accept you to my team, there should be a reason for me to provide you a job. Be different from the others so that I can expect you, you have to have a different feature, a talent, or something so that I can accept you to my team. Actually, this is the main reason for somebody to work in my team. He or she should be different from others.

Thirdly, of course, he or she must be a person who can be useful to the team, adapt to the team, carry out the work, and be responsible. This criterion is also so important because if this person is not able to adapt to the team it will be so hard to work together, everyone’s work efficiency and desire are going to decrease because of only one person.
I don’t what some kind of thing to happen so this is so important for me and my team.

As a result, the people who are going to work in my team should be disciplined, he or she should have a different skill from the other people. Also, he or she must be able to adapt to the team and do the given responsibilities.

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