Cruel Presence

What does this life mean to you? Maybe we can call it as a joke or our worst nightmare. While we experience happiness for one second of this life, we spend the rest of our time sad.

This life makes us desire dying and hate life. There are suicides, fights, racism, kidnapping, abuse but there is nothing left to make us smile. Anger, sadness, hatred, jealousy these feelings build up our life. No love, no happiness, no joy nothing makes us feel better. We just use each other in this cursed world.

What about friends? They are just toys to make us happy, make us laugh or make what we want to. Think about it, if they make you sad would you still be friends with them?

What about your mother? If she doesn’t care about you, doesn’t feed you or clean up the house, if she just cares about herself, get drunk all the time and doesn’t come home, how would you feel?

Or another example but now with different gender, your father.  Just think about it; he forgets about your existence and gets drunk every day, would you still love him? No, you won’t love them both cause they don’t give their attention to you.

We are the only specie’s that hurt each other for pleasure cause we are cruel presence. We symbolize the hate in this world. We don’t know what love really means. We’re just too damned to ignore everyone else just to make our fantasies come true. Love and friendship all these bullshits means to use everyone for our desires.

This life is too long to live, too short to learn. This life means nothing to me.  We don’t have a meaning to other people’s life either way.

Not a single person in this life is really happy or proud of herself or himself. We are just playing what the script told us to play. Even though we are feeling terrible we need to act like we are perfect or we just cut off communication so they don’t see how we are falling apart from our joy to live.

Everyone has a mask the name of this mask is “smile”. How often do you wear this mask? Maybe you put it on every morning till lonely and freezing nights.

This life steals our smile, our happiness, the meaning of love and the meaning of friendship. Life is too short to tolerate itself and too long to live it.


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