Cruel World

I was drinking my coffe when Jeremy, my partner shaked me. He told me that there has been a fight and several man was injured. I quickly put on my jacket and ran to my car with him. We were used to these situations so I was not panicking. We went there as quickly as we could and ran inside the crime house. The house was full of chaos, women screaming, man punching…I shouted as loud as I could. They were in gunpoint so they stopped. We cuffed them and made a report of the incident. That night, when I went home I was so tired. I dropped myself in the bed and slept better than I could in a year. I had my breakfast as usual when I woke up. Our town needed me so I rushed to the police station. Me and my partner Jeremy were chatting about cars when a call came.

-Hello. I am at Vet Care veterinary and there is a girl which whispered me that she was in trouble with her boyfriend. I assume the boy has a gun. Please hurry and come here before they leave.

-Okay, we will be there in ten minutes at most.

-Please hurry.

We rushed to the car and drove very fast. We were at the veterinary in less than 5 minutes. Unfortunately they were already gone when we arrived. The woman that was working there put a piece of paper in my pocket when we were heading towards the car to track them. While  Jeremy was driving I reached into my pocket and found the piece of paper. It had an address written on it. We stopped when we saw the place that was written on the paper. We got in and the man was so drunk and was shouting and trying to hit the girl. I used a stun gun to avoid any harm. We cuffed the guy afterwards and took him to the station with us while after we took the girl to her house. We took a report of the incident as usual and went home. I slept as usual to wake up to a cruel world again.

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