Cruelty Disguised as a Sport

For a long time in history, hunting was a part of humans just like any other predator. It was always an instinct of wild animals but as the time passed by, humankind developed and defied this instinct to be violent. Now, people do not need to hunt to stay alive yet hunting still exists. It has become some sort of a hobby to some people as a fun way to spend their free time. It is now considered as a “sport” by some people. But is it an actual sport?

Though hunting may not exactly be what we classify as a sport, it certainly has some similarities with sports that we are familiar with. Hunting can keep the hunters active and in good shape yet, hunting is not only an activity to stay healthy. It obviously pushes hunters’ physically in terms of their skills and abilities but it also tests a hunter’s knowledge on their prey and on their equipment. Therefore, it can be more than killing animals and maybe it can even be enjoyable for the people who see it as a sports activity.

On the other hand, do people really need hunting? Obviously, it might still be like an instinct that is hidden deep down in people. After all, humankind’s survival used to depend on hunting in the past. Yet, it is important to stress on the “past” because we have developed, and we no longer need hunting in any way. Moreover, is it really worth the pleasure hunters get from this so-called “sports”, in consideration of the animal cruelty it contains? Every year, thousands of animals are killed because of hunters. Not only do these innocent animals die for human pleasure, but some animal species are even close to becoming extinct due to hunting which means it can also affect the biological balance of the nature if it gets just a little out of hand. Therefore, hunting is unequivocally cruel for animals and it is wrecking for the wilderness as well.

In conclusion, considering there is absolutely no need for hunting it seem to be nothing but violent and cruel. It is only harmful for the animals that are purely defenseless against the hunters.

It certainly does not appear as a sport to me. I strongly believe that a sport is supposed to be an activity that does not harm any living thing but only helps people stay healthy and fit while giving them sheer happiness. There are tons of other activities -which can actually be considered sports- that can be enjoyed by hunters that does not harm the animals. I think it is time we stop addressing this animal cruelty as a sport because hunting definitely is not one.

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