Cry For Help

It was another normal morning at the dorm room, chaotic. The boys were getting ready for their classes as they joke around and laughed, the students in the next dorm have already warned them about being too noisy in the morning but they couldn’t care less. Nobody could stop the chaotic duo from doing whatever they want.

They were still laughing until they git interrupted by a knock on their dorm door. “Who is it?” Hosuh walked towards the door as he heard the response from the other side of the door “It’s me, Sara. The class is starting in 10 minutes, want to go together?”

Hosuh glanced at Han, who’s face fell as the female student at the other side talked. “Sure! Give me a minute” he walked towards the king size bed which Han was sitting on. He leaned towards Han and gave him a little kiss and smiled. “She is just a friend don’t worry.” he got his backpack as he walked out off the dorm.

Han got up from the bed to get his backpack but as he reached for the backpack he decided that he was going to skip classes, again. He has been skipping his classes for a month now and the finals were getting close. But he didn’t care, he couldn’t care. He didn’t had the motivation to got out of their dorm room, attend his classes, socialize with his schoolmates. So instead of trying harder every day he just gave up. He would tell his boyfriend that he was attending classes and he was going to either cafeteria or the music room at break times so he won’t be in doubt.

And Hosuh was never in doubt, at first he would check the cafeteria and music room but when he couldn’t see Han he would assume he went somewhere else and he just moved on. He never relized if he wasn’t there the petite younger boy wouldn’t even have the motivation to live. But maybe he would realize that the <span;>petite younger boy, his boyfriend, was not okay and needed him more than he thought he did.

The classes were over. Hosuh and Sara were chatting as they walked towards the dormitory. Hosuh and Han’s dorm room was 554 and Sara’s was 550 so they kept on chatting till they got to their dorm rooms. Sara invited Hosuh to her room but he didn’t want to leave Han alone so he kindly declined her.

He slowly opened the door with a smile on his face but his face fell as soon as he saw the petite younger boy. The whole world fell silent. He was the only one hear his cry for help. He ran toward the younger boy who was trembling and hyperventilating, his soft cheeks were wet from his nonstop tears. The older pulled younger into a tight hug as he pat his back to calm down the younger.

“I’m here, I don’t know what you are going through but we are gonna get over this together. I promise.”

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