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During these times of increased migration, internal migrations gained popularity. People staying in places such as small towns and villages in Turkey turned their route to large cities. The big cities helplessly watched them add crowds to their crowds.

In places such as small towns or villages, the average age is usually always high. They have already reached a certain age, and those who are getting older are starting to fall from hand to foot. When they fell into need of help, residents of towns and villages began to attract them to their children in the city or to new nursing homes that would embrace them. This became the reason for the emigration in rural areas.

With our fight against the biggest problem, covid-19, some people have started to think oppositely. They have closed their homes in urban centers and increased their settlements in places such as towns and villages, which are safer areas for them. However, as we can from the statistics, this wasn’t enough. The reasons for the increasing internal migration in our country; the introduction of new technologies in agriculture, the lack of land, or the desire to take advantage of social and cultural reasons in cities is the main reason for the issue.

Internal migration, which has been one of the problems of our country for the last 40 years, has been among the issues that need to be controlled for many years. Decadal migration has been one of the main problems of our country for the last fo40 years. People are migrating, believing that they have created more beautiful spaces for themselves. It is based on the economic and material wealth of the places where they emigrated.

In order to prevent internal migration, agricultural development can be identified and attractive incentives can be put in place, directing the treasury to try to encourage animal husbandry and agriculture, such as leasing land to agriculture. It makes my conscience ache that people are becoming in need of internal migration. People leave their homes just to achieve better. There are no people who can defend the positive aspects of internal migration. Although industrialization is good for a community, it is a bad step for producers. Because they touch the bread of people who produce and sell it all over the world. For example, he is trying to take bread to his house by doing the jobs that they earn and work with the sweat of their foreheads at the base of their stalls that they make from safes under an owning on the decity roads. But not every person works on equal terms. There are those who have a lot of hard work and do not get their due in the future. Internal migrations also affect them.

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