It was rainy day with storms. Even though I hate be in out when it rains, I need to go out today. For grocery my mom always chose me. Being the smallest of the family can be so hard sometimes. “Please Freya be quick!” said mom to me when she is preparing the breakfasts. With a dissatisfied and unhappy face, I wake up my warm and comfortable bed and get ready to go. It is extremely cold outside. When I was wearing my shoes, mom start to list all the needs.


After I left the home, the rainy weather become sunny. Yes, I hate rain but the smell after rain will always be my favorite. When I was walking to the market with hopping to see rainbow, a women hit me very hardly. “Hey! watch your way” I say angrily. İt wasn’t a problem she to hit me but she just continues run away and didn’t apologies. After 5 minutes finally I arrive the market. I take a deep breathe it was a hard journey for me.


When I was doing my breakfast, I feel something in my pocket. I reach on my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an address written on it and a message. “You can’t run away from truth.” I shocked and can’t understand what is talking about. Then I realize that it can be a silly joke that my friends do to me. I quickly go my room and call my friends from my phone. “It wasn’t comic Hayley” I say hopping that it is a really a joke. “What are you talking about Freya” it is the sentence I last want to hear. “I will call you as soon as possible, bye” I says quickly and close the phone.


I get my curious genes from my dad. He always in trouble because his curious. And because of my curious now I am on my way to go the address which written on the paper. By address I need to enter the dangerous part of the city. I little bit afraid but I need to continue. After few minutes I enter that scary street; I found a tumbledown, scary and exactly the same house in the horror movies. After I do my first step, door opened for me. Inside there are death bodies and photos, which has my picture on it.  But the scary think is in the pictures I am killing peoples. The peoples who have bodies in this bodies. “I’m not a killer, no.” I say quickly and ready to run out of here. “Yes, you are honey, we both are.” Says the women who hits me morning.

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