Curse the Heroine

If only she knew meeting him would change her life…

There was one question that Ayla always had in her mind.

‘……what makes me and Michelle so different?’

But she never uttered the word out of her mouth. That was because it was obvious that everyone would only laugh at her.

Lilian Bellechateur.

She was an extremely evil woman pointed as a villain by everyone, while Michelle was an angel whom everyone loved. It was a silly question that was equivalent to comparing witches and saints.

But when things got to this point, Lilian couldn’t help but recall that question.

How am I so different from Michelle that she was comforted in everyone’s arms while I, on the other hand, had to face such a painful end?

“Why did you do this?”

Werner forcibly lifted Lilian’s chin, which had fallen on the edge of his sword.

Lilian blinked because her vision kept on getting out of focus. Then, the tears that had formed around her eyes, mixed with blood and ran down from the edges of her eyes to her cheeks.

“Would you believe me… if I said, I didn’t……?”

Lilian’s voice was so chapped that the original elegance of it could not be found at all. It was because she had been screaming all the time from the torture.

But Russo didn’t even blink as if he couldn’t hear her excuse.

“I’ll ask you again. Why did you do this?”

Lilian met Russo’s eyes, which were fluttering with fierce anger toward her.

It seemed like he wanted to tear her to death right now, but he seemed to hold it in until he hears her answer.

Lilian drew a faint smile around her mouth.

Oh my, he’s charming.

Russo De La Rochenberg.

Soon after he was born, he was made the Crown Prince. He was patient but cold. That was because he had been educated and raised like that all his life.

Russo was good at covering his original emotion inside the cold mask. He did not hesitate to act if necessary.

The only time he showed his emotions or lost his reason was when someone talked about Michelle.

Just like right now.

Lilian slowly turned her head and looked in the direction of Michelle.

Then, the blade that was close to her neck broke through her flesh. Russo growled, pushing the sword even closer.

“Don’t even think of doing anything.”

It sounded like a threat from a beast when invading its territory.

No matter how wicked she was, she couldn’t possibly do anything in this situation. However, he was still wary and displeased of Ayla, giving a glance at Charlotte.

Ayla glanced back at Werner’s blue eyes and sweetened her lips.

“I just thought that his majesty’s eyes were ice cold.”

“Ha, are you just going to make fun of me? I don’t want to hear that!”

“Your eyes only look like that when you’re looking at Michelle. It glows like a burning flame of light whenever you see that girl. Ah it’s such a warm color. But now that you’re looking at me like that, I am pleased, your highness.”

Even if it was a murderous light, he still expressed his true emotion, which was important to her.

“So won’t you remember even a little bit of me after I die like this?” (Lilian)

Lilian burst into laughter when she said so.

“I can’t hear you. It’s your last chance, so just answer the question.”

Lilain couldn’t help but laugh. She wondered if he was asking that because he really didn’t know the answer to that question.

Why do you still want to confirm something that everyone already knows? Why do you think I did that? It’s because I love your highness.

“It’s because I love you, your highness. With my life, my soul, and my whole heart.”

“Just for that reason…….”

Werner expected it, but he still muttered to himself as if he was really shocked.

“Just because of that, Michelle almost died! Because of you! “

Gasping, he pushed his blade into Lilian’s shoulder. Blood spilled out as the sword’s edge entering as effectively as though it was cutting through tofu.

It happened in a flash.

Lilian’s whole body convulsed as she bit her teeth to the point of breaking it. Her eyes turned white in pain and then she blinked repeatedly.

A scream burst out from where Michelle was. While Russo burned his blue eyes with anger toward Lilian, he sent a worrisome gaze to Michelle.

Why- Are you worried that your weak lover will be shocked seeing this cruel killing scene?

Your love was important, but my love was trampled on so miserably.

Lilian laughed and waited for the pain to subside before saying a clear word.

“I- I didn’t.”

Then Russo twisted the blade on her shoulder. The vivid sense of twisting and slicing in the flesh finally made Lilian burst into a scream that she was holding back.

“I wanted to kill you more miserably than anyone else, but Michelle said she wanted to hear your reason. Even when she found out you were the mastermind behind all of this, she was still worried about you. It’s really ridiculous hearing it from your mouth.”

“..Ug- Ugh…ha..hahaha…”

Lilian, soaked in blood, still kept on laughing. Her dress was now dyed red.

Then, she rolled her eyes across and turned her eyes to Michelle, who was shaking.

Michelle Remstein.

She was as delicate and innocent like a lily, and when her eyes met Lilian’s, she was startled and ran behind the back of the escort knight.

Prince’s escort knight, Lennox.

Standing with his arms as if to protect Michelle, his eyes showed deep secret love to her. Lilian knew it, at first sight. There was no way she wouldn’t notice it when his eyes were full of love and affection.

Not only one or two men fell in love with Michelle…

No, it wasn’t just the men.

All living things in this land, men and women of all ages, were enchanted by Michelle, just exchanging a few words with her. Even the wild animals got attracted to her to the point where they quickly relaxed their vigilance and approached her without hesitation.

Michelle was one of the beauties in terms of appearance, but she was not exceptionally beautiful than Lilian.

And that was not even because she had a strong background. She was not rich, nor was she well educated and wise.

What the hell? What’s the difference?

Nevertheless, everyone loved her.

It was so easy for her to have the affection that Michelle couldn’t get from anyone in her whole life.

Then Michelle hid behind those who loved her, did nothing, and just remained silent. If only I could, I wanted to forcefully pull her out and dig my hand on that face.

Michelle was a kind and fragile woman. All she could do without getting her hands dirty was to squeeze her tears out pathetically.

Can’t you live without anyone’s help? Can’t you protect yourself without anyone’s protection?

Come here. Come and spit in my face. This is a fight between you and me.

Lilian couldn’t possibly like Michelle. From the moment she first met her, she had goosebumps and her whole body trembled as if she had met a natural enemy.

With her fingernails pulled out, she tightly grabbed the sword’s blade on her shoulder with her ugly hand, then used her last strength to open her eyes and look up at Russo.

“I curse you.”

“Are you admitting that you are a witch now?”

“What shall we hide in the midst of death?”


Russo dismissed Lilian’s words as empty words of a woman on the verge of death.

And that’s actually right. This was just the last wish of a dying villain.

If there is a God,

No, even the devil is fine.

I’ll sell you, my soul. I don’t even care about how it will be used. It’s alright if you tear my soul off and completely devour it. If you can hear me now, curse him who has neither blood nor tears.

Russo captured all his emotions and gave the notice indifferently.

“Lilian Bellechateur. The Bellechateur family was destroyed because of you. Hearing their resentment will make you feel uncomfortable even after your death.”

“I curse, curse—.”

When Russo pulled out the sword, blood spurted like a fountain. He cut off the entire hand of Lilian, who was holding the blade. Her struggle was useless.

Without hesitation, the sword broke Lilian’s flesh and broke her ribs. And, as if he wanted to inflict as much pain as possible, he slowly penetrated the sword on her heart.

At Russo’s wish, Lilian struggled in pain then slowly collapsed, throwing up blood.

It’s all over.

The life that continued persistently and her love.

“I curse… that you will have no choice but to love me… such a curse …”

Lilian muttered in a voice boiling with blood.

Russo looked down at her unthinkable words and soon frowned.

“Sound nonsense.”

Then, he turned his back to Michelle, shaking off the blood-soaked sword, saying that he had something dirty on him.

Michelle, with tears in her eyes, clung to Russo, who came to her. The beautiful hand that held tightly to the corner of his coat was slightly trembling.

“Russo, you said you’d let her go painlessly. I pity her.”

“That was the greatest mercy I could give.”


“This is a matter you should not care about, Michelle. I told you I’d take care of it. You’re shivering like this, yet you still care about somebody.”

Russo went out with Charlotte in his arms, who continued to glare behind, followed by Lennox.

Surrounded by silence in the dungeon where all the people escaped, Lilian declared the end. The embers of life that were at stake had been extinguished.

However, Lilian hoped that this would also be a new beginning.

“You’ll have no choice but to love me…”

Until the moment she stopped breathing, she mumbled.


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