Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

I am writing this letter to express my friends and myself who are already feeding pets on our site. We understand that you have some concerns and also we have some concerns like yours. It’ll be better if we can try to understand each other. We believe that we could find better solutions for everyone.

The biggest reason you opposed feeding pets on the site was that after walking outside,the inside of the site would be polluted by things like mud, dirt. “According to the rights, it is a right to feed pets in the apartment and on the site.According to the Animal Protection Act, pets have the freedom to live in life conditions specific to their species. According to the same law, animals cultured and trained by man are called “Pets”. An animal caretaker training program by participating in formal care required of him or her embracing it, animal host, and the type of animal ethological needs as appropriate for the method of reproduction, to supply, to take care of yourself, human, animal and environmental health are obliged to take all necessary measures in terms of. Animal owners must take measures to prevent environmental pollution caused by the animals they own, as well as harm and discomfort that may be caused to humans. They have to compensate for damages caused by failure to take timely and adequate measures.”

We want you to know that we are sorry for the environmental pollution problems that have occurred.Furthermore for our  pet’s noises we signed an agreement with a pet traning compeny especially for barks.I want to assure you that’s not gonna happen again,we take our measures.We care about the environment and your thoughts. The animals we feed in our homes are pets so they can not live without us.They need to care,feed and especially a home&family. I think you understand the idea and we’ll pay in full attention.Me and  my pet-loving friends let us pets get on the site by cleaning them every trip return. I guess it was clear enough that you can contact me for any problems,questions or suggestions.


Member Of The Board Of Directors Of The Site

Naz Tanrısever

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