Decision of the Future

Should we look for a suitable planet to colonise or should we spend that money to try to solve the problems of our world to make it beter place to live. My idea is to use that money to solve the earths problems because the fastest way to go to the nearest live able planet is at least 39 light years. Which means that if we could travel at the speed of light it would take 39 years but in the fastest way we can go there in 190 milin years. That time is enough to make the human kind extinct. So my point is to use that money to cure hunger and throw satellite to the orbit and we can solve the availability of the internet problem and basically every thing is free on internet . So we solve the education problem by promoting to help the ones in need if thing realistically you can solve the problems by only half of the cost.

You may need some advertisement to make some people aware of the situation they are in so they make some decisions that can help some of the problems like they can start a charity to help the schools in need for education or they can make decisions that decreases their carbon foot print to help the ozone layer to recover it self. If we make the correct advertisement this is all possible at least the smart part of the population they can help us in this situation So that we can look to the other problems like the endangered species. or the habitat destroying and we can make this planet more liveable place and we have limited time left so we should be very careful about the stuff that you do in your daily life like do not use to much deodorants or parfumes so that you can make your carbon foot print much less.

On the other hand, we can search for another live able planet or we can try our chances on the mars but this would take about 30 years but it would be so expensive that the richest people of earth will be only going there because they can provide that whit thier money but at the all of the people to live in mars would take more than 150 years. So at the end we need to make earth more live able place and it is about the time,money and advirtisment.

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