Decoupling between Parallel Universes

Once upon a time, in a high school, there was a student named Alice. Alice really into the science fiction movies, TV series, and especially the science fiction books. That was her favorite. She always hoped to have an event like the science fiction books that she read.

One day, it was Friday. Alice was feeling really tired and she only wanted to go to the home. When she was leaving the school, she saw a card. That card was using by the teachers for take the elevator. She took the card because she thought she could give the card to a teacher after she uses. Alice took the elevator, and she pressed the button that says 0. The lights of elevator started to turn off and turn on. She felt stressed and she pressed the button that using for opening the elevator’s door but it didn’t work. She was yelling and wanted to help but no one didn’t hear her voice. Then the elevator started moving. When the elevator stopped, Alice got off the elevator, but she realized that she was in the same floor. She could not understand what was happening. She thought there was a mistake and she wanted to come back to the elevator. After that, she realized that the card was not in her pocket. Alice was very surprised and did not know what she could do.

Maybe… Maybe she had an event like the science fiction movies. Was it possible? No, no, no… Alice should have been in a dream. Otherwise, it could not be happening. What if she decamped between parallel universes? Afterwards, she saw herself when she was leaving the classroom? In corridor, there were two different Alice? One of them was Alice in past, and the other one was Alice in present time.

To break this cycle, she had to get the card before the past Alice. She ran and took the card. Then, she came back to the elevator, and she went to her school bus. When she got on the school bus, the two parallel universes merged. Now, there is only one Alice and everything is normal.

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