Tombstones in fall.

Dedicated To Life

Life is a journey that is a timeline from the moment of a born baby crawling to walk, being watched by parents, and to the moment you are suffering and waiting for the nurse to look up your pulse and say you will be okay.

Then a few minutes later you die, unaware of your consciousness and when your mental thinking can’t be doing anything other than conceding itself to death. You think one matter, that is your family (if you have one) and if not you are lucky you had a peaceful life, you focused on yourself. Personally, I am not holding any hate for starting a family. But in life, they say that people who you share with the effort the cheer and enrich the happiness, passion, appreciation of your time and then most the things that can’t be put on words… And on contrast there is spending time alone and dying alone… which sounds intimidating, but some people are destined for all that. At least they believe they are…

Despite social relations, there is a big competition in life we are subjected to, woefully never ends until you die. Can detain you from all the things you might miss. Life is a game all we are playing and people being at it hammer and tongs… The endeavour of surviving when others try to rip off, backstab. The decreer of who will last is question demonstrates who will reach the self-respect of glory withinside as a whole. The gratification of oneself starts with finally being overjoyed with who you are and being the administer to change who you will be. That’s what I call going to the happy hunting grounds. And regarding that I have mentioned here to demonstrate the idea I wanted to finally bring: can also be considered as reaching your self-respect. Everything you felt doing feasted about that assure and takes to the point of happiness you have brightly and surely appreciate. So don’t be receptive to the factors trying to steal it “Life is too short to tolerate people”.

The time will come when you are dying that make you say “I wish that I didn’t wish the time to pass” even though the times in your boring lessons, you’ll regret that you wanted it to end. Because when everything ends the desirability of breathing will be a pretty glee, fondly thrill.

A teardrop is seen on the ground beneath your overbed table. Once upon a time, the person who was flying high is now incapable of walking. Life is laughing at you because you are discontented with its graces and now you are begging for the past you had, staring at you from the top to see how miserable you are. And you are conceding because there is nothing left to hold on to, being believed into miracles can be only the hope but it wasn’t when you saw the other people struggling, accepting miracles would be chance given for their hope, now all the hope for you is on despised factors you have always identified as.

The sudden heart attack strikes, which was expected intuition. The nurse and doctors cut into the room already knowing you are going to die but in formality tries to get you back to life. Takes a few shots, sees no changing on pulse then gives up, for you the light unrolls “Congratulations you have reached an end of a life thank you for all your settlement we wish you great luck on the other”.


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