Depleted Continent Africa

Unfortunately, I didn’t graduate from high school because I have to survive in this wasting area. I didn’t read so many books because I have to walk quite long distances to find clean water to drink. I didn’t search on the internet anything because my tribe has no access to any technology as well as radio or base station. I didn’t see any smartphone or television at my home although I saw the journalist’s camera at my tribe that was documenting our tribe. I didn’t learn chemistry, physics, math or biology because there was nobody to teach me. Moreover, I didn’t need any formula from school in my life. I didn’t listen to any rock, pop, rap or classical music but traditional ones. I didn’t see any tower or palace. I didn’t see any domestic cat although I run away from a lion. I didn’t wear any coat because I didn’t experience any cold weather in my childhood. I didn’t see any ocean or sea. I didn’t feel any sand on my feet or rain on my skin. I didn’t even hear about snow
But I didn’t give up.
I grew up and travel all continents.
Unfortunately, I saw inequality in the greatest, the most developed countries. I saw genocide in every nation. I saw crowded places that have no humanity in all these people. I saw big oceans that are polluted by petrol and fossil fuels. I saw petty larceny in every city. I saw bigotry in every government. I saw people in poor spirits who are smiling at social media. I saw rape, abuse, kidnapping, vandalism, torturing. I saw injustice. But one day when I have gone back to my Africa suddenly I realize that I have always focused on bad things because I was dreaming amazing, fascinating, marvelous outside world. It was not like a dream but nevertheless, it was not a nightmare at all so I started to think better sides.
I saw other tropical animals like a kangaroo in Australia. I fed dolphins in Big Ocean. I ate everything in China that I find interesting and traditional. I saw different faiths’ harmony in India. I saw communism in Cuba. I learned every scientist who gets Nobel. I learned the beyond of the world with astronomy. I saw happy children who have no responsibilities.
And finally, I felt snow.

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