Desire Powered Engine

  Humans are like machinery that are powered by motives instead of electricity. All the things we decide on doing ultimately is an effect of how we think and what kind of person we want to be. Of course these motives develop and become stronger with time. They start to eat your thoughts and conquer more territory with each step closer to that  specific outcome it so desperately wants to make happen. As it expands the borders of its empire like missiles on a mission, it leaves no space for all the other things happening around that are not necessarily what it needs and what it craves. Pretty much having all those other stuff deemed unnecessary and silencing them until a further notice only satiates the motives for a negligible amount of time. They will soon be on hunt again and stopping them is out of question.


  While it may seem like a dead end, it only affects those who haven’t yet got the time to learn how to be satiated with what they have. It’s a certain kind of drive that has led humanity to where it is now. Whether that counts as a good thing or a bad thing, it helped us grow and opened our eyes to more possibilities as it enlightened the road to science which we thought would always stay dark and dangerous.

  Not all people get the chance to walk through that road though. Luck has always been scattered all around the World in a not so homogeneous manner. Some get to enjoy their life to the fullest whilst some can’t even fill their family’s plate. Achieving what we call life quality is a huge variable to determine what we will be doing for the most of our life. A person who has not been born into a life filled with opportunities will stick to what they can do and will dream of a better future as they keep working for it. This kind of person has an idea of what life can be like as its seen from prestigious people. They have an aim and they will work towards it but may also get satiated along the way. Because then they will have gone a long way and allowed themselves to enjoy where they are now.

  The other type of people are the ones that were born right into the top of the system, the pyramid. Either they have been given what they want for all their life or they have had the chance to acquire what they wanted in an easier way relative to the first group.Their expectations from life were all achieved. Hence, it’s only natural for them to anticipate that life will keep going at that ideal pace until they die. These people haven’t practiced what it means to be satiated so they will keep wanting more.


  A hungry person will want food, the thirsty want water, the homeless want a place to call home, the 


eless will want a warm embrace and the frightened will want guidance. But the one equipped with all won’t ever stop needing and craving more. Once they’ve had enough of one thing they will notice another defec

t. The cycle will only stop when the universe decides that it’s had enough and that it’s now the one who needs to be satisfied.

” Satisfaction is the death of desire”


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