Devalued Abilities,Achievements and Owned Items

The common and biggest problem of many people in today’s world is unhappiness. In fact, this is a very subjective interpretation, but I think that a person’s own unhappiness manifests itself in everything he/she does in life. The more unhappy a person is, the more similar his inner world is to what he does. An unhappy person can hide this for a certain period of time, but eventually, he reveals his true emotion in a way that he never expected, or accidentally. To put it very simply, we’ve all encountered people in our lives who don’t like the profession they do. The quality of their work is also the strongest proof of this idea in my eyes. In fact, the most common way to vent your unhappiness maybe a nervous breakdown. Of course, nervous breakdowns are a situation that is not under one’s own control. İn fact, in order to arrive at these conclusions, I would like to give you another very simple example from everyday life. If you’ve ever observed how nervous the people outside or the people around you are, you probably deserve me, too. Everyone’s tolerance level is quite low. In fact, unhappiness is, of course, a concept that happens in every period. Maybe these sentences didn’t make much sense to you. So you may not have been able to connect once in a while, but my goal in this article is not to explain what the concept of unhappiness is or to comment on how dystopian consequences unhappiness can have. I want to tell you about the relation between the concept of being able to have something and happiness with my own ideas in this article.


I entirely agree with Tolstoy’s ideas about happiness. The easiest way to be happy financially and spiritually is to rejoice at what you have while not feeling sorry for something you don’t have. I think that it is quite difficult to achieve this, but I believe that it guarantees a happy life when you succeed, and in this article, I want to consider Tolstoy’s idea from a material point of view. A lot of people are constantly building their lives on getting something. In other words, a lot of people’s biggest goal has been to make a lot of money. Many people actually work for this purpose starting from elementary school and ending up at the university for the rest of their lives. Of course, this is just a generalization. People must have dreams that are much different from money when they study. these dreams can be about touching people’s lives in good ways. Of course, everyone is obsessed with the amount of money they earn at different rates in their profession.



I believe that the feeling of not being able to have something in a material sense is the biggest cause of unhappiness at this age. this world in which we live constantly makes a person dream of buying something or at least something to buy. many of us are left with very serious disappointments when we fail to achieve these fact, these disappointments are a pattern of behavior learned from a young age. So it’s not a very real thing. You can think of it as a figment of imagination. I don’t have the slightest doubt that this incident has happened in every period of human history. The perception of people who are happy just by buying things has fact, there are several specific points that have changed from the past to this day. The most obvious of these is that there are millions of products that can be purchased today.

Another thing is that a virtual world exists. Even though we are all in a real-world, we all spend the most part of our lives in our virtual environments. Thanks to this virtual world, people manage to have very big effects on each other. So, in fact, everything is proceeding quite interconnected. For these reasons, people do not manage to be happy with what is in their hands, and they constantly want more. I would also like to touch on the intangible dimension of being happy in a very short way. This can actually be explained very easily by an example. For example, a person’s voice is very beautiful, but he/she does not have the ability to draw pictures at all. If this person keeps thinking about why I can’t draw a picture, he/she can’t be distracted by the fact that his voice is beautiful, that is, he/she will be unhappy.



As a result, if we want to achieve happiness, we need to start by stopping thinking about things that we don’t have as soon as possible. Instead, it will be really good for everyone to think about what you have in material and spiritual terms. Actually, it sounds very easy to do this, but of course, we should not pretend that it’s just a thought. We need to convince ourselves of the idea that many things that we have can be superior to other things that we can have.

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