Developed Skills On Average Students

Being the best is the greatest aim of many people in numerous different fields. One of the biggest examples is trying to be the best student in the class which is seen as a huge success among parents as well as students. However, people who care only about their child’s exam scores do not only limit the student to develop new skills, but also block the well-being of the student without noticing. 

While studies show that focusing too much on grades may not lead to success, why do we even ask whether it is important to be the best student in the class with the best marks on the exams? Since the scores do not show how valuable a person is, being an average student with average scores on the exams does not mean anything bad. On the contrary, it may show that you are good at some other topics. For instance, an average student can be talented at drawing and can spend their time on this field to develop their skills even more. And this does not show that they are unsuccessful. Because success is not just about school grades. 

Students who are forced to have the highest marks in their classes are generally the ones who keep procrastinating their work outside of the school. Because that is what they got used to do. Many parents think that having high scores on exams is the biggest deal in a student’s life. However, there are more important issues that a student should be worried about in their lives.

Focusing on exam scores often blocks the students from focusing on their interests and other activities outside of their school. It even causes them not being able to keep their mental health stable. If the competition between the students for grades and being the best student in the class is not helpful and healthy, it cannot go beyond from being a torture. Many of the students think that school is one of the biggest setbacks for them to improve their abilities in a field that they are talented or interested in. In the time students take for their school activities and studies, they believe that they can do other activities that will make them happy while developing. 

In brief, focusing on being the best student in the class does not enable the students to create free time for themselves to develop new skills. Moreover, it takes the free time that a student already has. To keep the balance between the school and outside of the school, students should accept that being an average student and not being the best in the class is way too normal. Because it is what it should be like.

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