Did Beauty Change?

Since the beginning of the humanity humans had desires.Man requested a girl who would take care of him and girls requested a man who could protect them.But nowadays it changed.It is rather about the looks or the money they have.But what happened to us?What caused this?

Firstly i honestly think that virtual platforms caused this.As the technology developed people could do whatever they want.And we always requested the perfection.And as we know nothing or noone is perfect on this planet.So the thing provided perfection was the internet itself.Internet changed lots of opinions.People used to request a person who would carry on their will or someone they could talk to.But the perfection we got changed the way we look to a person.People usually dont care about the personality anymore just the looks or the money.And again this is virtual platform’s fault.The things that internet provided us was the looks only.Not a person to talk to.But why internet did this to us?

Since the internet was found it was programmed to give what people wanted.So it began all here.Witht his people created everything they wanted.But if you look at it visual platforms was found by humans.So this shows that humans changed their own opinions.With creating the internet.Humans changed the thing called beauty by their own inventions.And we can say that it is not virtual platform’s fault  but human’s fault to change the thing called beauty in to something else they requested.We cant blame the thing we created and changed.

To sum up we can say that both human and virtual platforms and humans changed beauty.As humans developed ant created the virtual platforms.And humans let virtual platforms become their king.With that humans became connected to internet and the things related to that.And some people took it as a priority in their life.So as Andrew Browns said “The internet is so big so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for their own life.”We must not let internet control us as we created it to control it,not created it to change the things we wanted. And with that beauty became about the looks.

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