“Honey! Did you do the laundry?”. My mom was begging for urgent help on a SUNDAY evening, like always. Why do I even have to do the laundry? I mean, I don’t even have my clothes there. I thought everyone did their own thing here. And yes, now I have homework to do, just because I have to do laundry. Let me open that up first. When anyone needs help or something, gen z is basically like “Oh, the laundry… well you know I have midterms in 8 months, right? I really gotta study for that. Sorry!”. And the moms can’t really say anything, because it about school, right? Well that usually works on 99%. Where’d that 1% go? Yup, that’s my mom. Go ahead, try explaining her that I literally have 6 finals for tomorrow. C’mon. I’ve known my mom for years now. She would most likely be like “the laundry” is more important. Well, what’s more important, the laundry or you just typically sitting in front of the TV and watching unreal reality shows? I don’t think I really have to answer that.

Finally, I was about to sleep. UNTIL my mom gave me my auntie on the phone. No, I’m not joking she spoke for 1 HOUR. I mean, chill… it’s literally 1 a.m. and you’re still on the phone talking about how you made those grilled tomatoes. Sad. It looks like no one cared about her “grilled tomatoes” so she bursted on me. I’m not saying I hate speaking with her but just when I’m about to fall asleep why would you talk about how you cooked your tomatoes? Don’t even ask how I hung up on the phone.
While I was speaking with her (no it’s actually her speaking with me 98% of the time), I said, “I’m on 1% the phone might close just now.”. Although she told me to call her back when I charged my phone, I acted like I didn’t even hear what she said and closed the phone just when she was telling me that. Brilliant idea, right?

Alright, this time it was it. I was finally falling asleep. But why was I feeling dizzy and all? Is that normal when I’m just about to fall asleep? It’s probably in the result of hearing information about grilled tomatoes for an entire hour. Now the pieces fit. Now it’s dream time, like always! When I’m about to sleep, I usually dream about things I see throughout the day. But this time I did not leave my house and I was so nervous and excited at the same time to dream my next dream, because I saw the same things.

Now it’s the next day and I pretty much forgot what I just dreamed about. Anyways, I packed my bag for school and I was ready to leave. My mom raised her voice for me to hear her, saying “Don’t forget to take your lunchbox! And please unseal it at school. I’ve put plenty of the “mysterious products”, I’d be really pleasured if you would share it with your friends too.”. I asked my mom the “mysterious product”, but she closed the house door and locked it. What am I supposed to do at this point? Seriously unseal my lunchbox at school? Next to my friends? Well, that’s what I did. You’ll hear the result by the following paragraph. As I arrive to school, the teacher goes shouting, asking four preys of hers why they didn’t bring anything for the “bake sale”. As I’m walking past my teacher and my classmates, our teacher Mrs. Turner gives me that really awkward uninspiring up & down look, which is every student’s nightmare. I sit on my desk, everything’s normal (except for the fact that Mrs. Turner is still awkwardly staring at me) until the teacher comes to my desk and stands there staring at me for 30 seconds. My heart was about to come off. To be honest, I don’t really think not bringing anything to the bake sale is a bad thing. After all that staring had come to an end, the teacher finally asked the miraculous question. “WHERE ARE YOUR BAKESALE ITEMS???!!!”. I nervously unsealed the mysterious product my mom gave me to open at school. I was really scared while telling the teacher that I did bring something for the bake sale, not having a single clue on what that “something” is. She took the lunchbox from me and opened it in front of everyone’s eyes. “Patricia, what are these? They absolutely smell and look amazing!! Wow, now I’m truly impressed. Seems like you wanted to make a difference, and chose “fried vegetables” over basic chocolate chip cookies. You will be an inspiring author; can everyone just hang on a moment and look how extraordinary this idea is?”.

Wow! I just heard that there was a bake sale and that I brought fried vegetables over cookies. The fact that’s really funny is basically the teacher and the whole classroom seeing the thing inside the lunchbox before I even knew there was food in it. HOLD ON A SECOND, DID THE TEACHER JUST SAY FRIED VEGETABLES?? THIS IS TOO RIDICULOUS TO BE TRUE. So that was the thing I saw in my dream yesterday? Urghh. Of course. My dear auntie literally talked about it for an hour. Her popular “grilled tomatoes”. Okay, I don’t feel dizzy anymore. How could’ve I had known that the dream I saw the other day would be true the next morning? Now tell me that’s not terrifying.

The things I’ve lived today were almost the same things I saw in my dream. There was this really pretty woman, she enters a new bakery that had just opened and starts screaming and shouting to the employees, saying, “Why is this place so empty, and why do all the cookies taste the same? This place has to be redecorated too. It’s really dark over here. The reason I came here were your grilled tomatoes. My auntie and my mom said they bought them from this bakery and that they were really delicious. Quick quick! Bring me some of those sweethearts and I’ll stop commenting on our bakery.”. Only if the employees knew that they were even baking tomatoes… I mean, excuse me madam BUT even the employees don’t know that they were baking such thing. All I could say is, please pretty woman, stop daydreaming. Oh, hold on, I forgot to tell what happened at the end of the dream. The two poor workers in the bakery couldn’t get the woman out of there so they called the security. God knows where the woman is right now, and what she’s doing at the moment…

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