Different Perspective in Family

Having a family life is something that is related wıth luck nowadays. In my opinion, that’s something that the parents of thıs generation should be ashamed of because not having a father nor a mother is a loss of role model or a figure in our lives. Our parents have always been our heroes since the day we were born. Some people deny it due to understandable reasons, but nobody can act like strangers to the person that created them even if they hate it for so many years. Besides the parental issues, I think having a sibling has more effect on our lives than a parent can. Siblings are our fellow during the life under our parents’ roof. Being friends and being a parent is quite not the same content, but does having a sibling complete both of these roles?

When we ask little kıds”What’s the definition of ‘sibling'”They always respond with an utterly disgusted face and go”A peer that always fights me with a bar of chocolate I bought for myself” at least these are the answers I get from my friends’ siblings. I have two siblings one is younger and one is older than me and honestly if get that type of question at my young age I don’t think I would respond something different. Especially having fights over something that has no value on those days are the days everyone now misses during their high school courses. However, having fights about things that has no value back in time has its own benefits. Someone that has already covered a thing ıs familiar with it, so when a fight starts in the real world, in school, in the work people who have fights wıth their siblings in their teen years is going to defend themselves like they are in the court! Therefore a person who can defend themselves no matter the situation is one step ahead of their peers. Another topic I want to talk about is how this affects their academic life. Especially being the young sibling here is the one that advantaged. Because when your older brother does a mistake on their work.You what is the mistake before doing a move which is saving time in a way. I always talked about how sibling fights affect a person’s life. But in a way, siblings are actually your friends in the family so they can motivate you and give you the advice that you can’t get from your parents nor your friends.

Having a sibling can change the whole dynamic in your life. But getting through the troubles you never you could leave the best taste ın your mouth. I think having a sibling is mostly helping with the way we raise ourselves, not with only our mind but with a different perspective.

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