Perceptions of beauty have been changing since the birth of the universe. It’s getting more and more complex every day. Today, the source that enables this perception to change frequently is the internet. Because, thanks to the technological world, information spreads so fast and over such wide areas that you cannot control it.


I would like it to be known that our skin, which God has given us, is not as important as our personality. However, today’s people, especially young people, attach great importance to beauty. We feature such a simple innate trait as if it were the most important thing in the world, but that’s not the case at all. People should pay more attention to personalities. However, the biggest obstacle in front of this situation is the digital world. On this platform, they give importance to people’s physical appearance rather than their personalities because they cannot learn about their personalities.


Another effect of the media on this perception of beauty is fashion driven by celebrities. Celebrities create new perceptions of beauty in environments where everyone can learn about them, such as at shows or invitations. To touch on another aspect of this subject, the thing that affects children the most is toys. The toy named Barbie has already removed the yellow hair and blue eye perception.


As a result, the perception of beauty is constantly changing. This situation is caused by many external factors such as the internet, digital platforms, celebrities, toys. But it is not right to ascribe so much meaning to appearances and try to adapt to it. Everyone is beautiful as they are,to be beautiful is not a must at all.

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