Digitalty in Life

In these days people start to interest with crypto for make profit from investments. Also people take these hobi very serieous and they make crypto as a job for them. That’s why some people believe that crypto is a one of the future job, ıt will be a effective job for people. Also after the Lydia create the money for trading, the humanity have been using money. Also some people believe that the crypto is not enough for trading, generally each crypto value is more than for some trade. As a result crypto is bad choose for trade. Additionaly what do you think about cryptos in the society.

So let’s look at the normal money. Money is a good for trade. It is easy to produce and multiply. Because of that reason money is present in every purse of the people and easy to exchange or use. Also money is a real thing, it is a object, and it is a paper. So ıt is easy to store and use it, But ıt can damage easly also. It can dissolve in the water and become nonusable material. Moreover ıt can tear and loose ıt’s value.  This one of the worst bad side of the money. Additionaly money is the history of the trade, every country in every century have used and  nowadays every country using the ‘money’. 

On the other hand crypto is a very effective solution for future and money problems. It’s electronic, and virtual. So ıf you have a electronic medium you can easly keep it and transfer to another person’s electronic medium , this medium can be a bank acount or a electronic wallet,. Also instead of a real and weak money, you can keep ıt safe, without hacking of acount, and easy to control. Crypto can use if ıts value is equavelent to wanted object. Becaue ıt is easy for transfer and waste. Your need is only a electronic device, which is generaly smart phone, and your account. Also crypto is not a stable digital currency.

As a result of this comprefension, both of them has positive and negative sides. But I think that we are going to use money always in our lifes. At least crypto will be take the moneys place in 50 years. Because we need to make the life fully electronic. Electricity must be placed in every part of life and this takes much of years. Also we need to create lots of accounts for trade and lots of crypto must be use. But cryptos’ value can decrease or increase. That’s why crypto is a risky choice.

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