Apparently, NASA offers hundred thousand dollars to anyone who is willing to stay in bed for 2 months. Honestly, if this is not the dream then i do not know what is. I, personally was never the kind to really go out and pretty much move. I much rather stay in bed watching my favorite youtubers and tv series that i sometimes come across. Sure, the physical toll it has not being able to move as much and lack of blood flow will eventually hit the head but everything has a price. For a person who takes well care of their body this may not sound like a good plan nonetheless you wont lose all the progress you’ve made in just 2 months. You can still consume as you wish.

On the contrary, for some people this opportunity may not look as appealing as it seems to me and that is perfectly understandable. It may feel as if you will be postponing your life or giving up entirely but from my perspective that is exactly why it is the perfect job to be doing. An escape from the world. Doesn’t it sound amazing? To have no responsibilities or problems in the presence of your short journey. To be honest i would have accepted the offer blindly whether they paid me or not. How many times do you get the chance to do literally nothing, all your needs and desires are provided in return you do nothing. Seems to me a good bargain.

You lose hundred percent of the chances you do not take. Sometimes the best thing to do is just lay down, why not get paid in doing so? There are a lot of reasons to say no but in the end it is choice. In my situation NASA can ring me up any minute and i will be at their door waiting. To be frank this is what i do everyday anyway and if i were to be given a chance to keep on doing so i am all over it. What is there to lose anyway am I right?

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