Discipline and Freedom

Discipline is freedom because discipline sustains us. It gives us a reason to wake up every day. Discipline always gives us permission to work, to dream, to take a break when we think we have worked hard enough.

Discipline is freedom because although discipline and freedom seem so opposite, they are actually two close friends. But there is one thing to be aware of: Discipline brings freedom, but freedom does not bring discipline. There is a difference between the two concepts. We can see this from an example of a student. Suppose a student has an assignment due tomorrow. Let us now examine the two cases separately. First, let’s start with discipline brings freedom. The more disciplined this student is, the sooner she wants to complete her responsibility. Of course, a reward awaits the student who shows discipline by completing her duty, and that is freedom. Let’s think the opposite, this time the student should be fond of freedom, but not disciplined. Such people have one thing in common. They all like to procrastinate and live their lives without a plan. Nothing different can be expected from the student in our example, she also delays as much as she can. Then she either doesn’t do her homework or does it sloppy. The end is not hard to guess: student loses her freedom. That is the difference.

Discipline is freedom because discipline sheds light on the path to freedom. As Aristotle said: Discipline is the way to freedom. Discipline gives us good habits and plays a big role in our lives. If we think about the creation of humanity, we can think of humans as a puzzle, and discipline as one of the pieces that make up the puzzle. Just as a puzzle cannot be completed when one of the pieces is missing, a person cannot be completed without discipline. Besides, if a piece like discipline is missing, then another piece is missing, which is freedom.

Discipline is freedom because discipline is a ladder we can use to reach our dreams, and when we reach our dreams we can be truly free. Many people like to dream, but few succeed and are reluctant to dream. However, there is no need for miracles descending from the sky for dreams to come true. What is needed is to work, that is, to be disciplined. When we look at history and today, we can see a common picture. One of the common characteristics of all the people we admire and find successful is their passion for work. The glue that makes this passion a part of them and even sticks it to them is discipline and ambition. These people got up to work, fought for their dreams, and earned both their dreams and their real freedom in return, while other people were dreaming. The American writer Frank Herbert also has a saying on this subject: “If you seek freedom, you will become a slave to your desires, if you choose discipline, you will find true freedom.”

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