Discipline Is Freedom

“Discipline is freedom” is an opinion that most of the people agree. But there are some people who think like “There is no place for discipline where there is freedom”. Well, are discipline and freedom against to each other? For me, it is not. When I heard the discipline word, the first thing that came to my mind is be limited by other people. But discipline is not only about that.

Discipline is freedom because discipline does not only mean that other people force you to do something. Just think about self-discipline. When you make rules for yourself and obey these rules, you can be more free. As an example: If you plan your week, you will be more disciplined, you will be more successful and at the same time you will be more free because you have much more time to do whatever you want. The most common feature among successful people is being disciplined. Being disciplined makes you successful and indirectly free. When you are disciplined, you are successful. When you are successful; you can reach your goals, you can get any school or job you want. You can earn your own living; you can be a more free person.

Discipline is freedom because sometimes limits lead you to freedom. The rights and freedoms of people are until they restrict those of others. So other people’s limits make you free, and your limits make other people free. With rules and disciplines, everybody can be disciplined and free at the same time. Thanks to the discipline, people can live freely and together without arguing. When people fight or argue, the discipline rules protect the freedoms of the people.

Discipline is freedom because indiscipline brings mess and chaos in the society. In the communities with chaos, the government goes to restrict people’s freedoms to take control of the situation. Generally, discipline is freedom, but discipline has a limit like everything. Discipline as much as it should be makes people free but there is a thin line between discipline and dictatorship. So much discipline is dictatorship so the discipline rules should be accepted by majority in a community. For instance, the thing is in North Korea is not discipline, it is dictatorship and people who lives in North Korea have no freedom. As a result: Unless it is not too much, discipline is freedom.

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