Discipline With Freedom


‘’Discipline is freedom because…’’ This sentence leads to many discussions. Discipline means obeying the rules. And freedom means being free, living without rules. So at first, these two terms seem opposite but if you think deeply about it you may understand that discipline is freedom.


Discipline is freedom because our freedom is doing something without limitations. But in a proper world, our freedom is doing something without limitations unless it does not interfere with someone else’s rights or freedom. And discipline helps us about knowing and understanding our and others’ rights. For example, anyone can be a thief and rob everywhere he wants if freedom was not the same as discipline. But with discipline, people know others’ rights and with the rules and rights, people do not rob every house they see.  As we know our rights continue until our rights conflict with someone else’s right. And discipline helps to guard others and our rights. And protecting rights means protecting freedom. Some people think that discipline is blocking me and if I can not do what I want to do at the time discipline is not freedom but if everyone wants to do whatever they want there would not be any freedom or free person. Due to that discipline makes freedom suitable for everyone who seeks freedom. And if someone has self-discipline it makes him free about work he has because of the self-order he has. And with the rules discipline bring, a person can develop himself. And a person that developed can find new hobbies about his development and they can do it in their free time.

In conclusion, freedom is discipline because if it is not discipline there would not be any public freedom, rights, or happiness. And a world without discipline means people do not respect or understand others’ rights and freedom. And if there were not any respect for freedom, there would not be any freedom. So as a result discipline and freedom are the same and they both need each other. What do you think about it, is discipline and freedom the same?

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