Distant Future and Near Future

I have always done what I wanted even if it was wrong until now, if I go to the past, it will still be like this and nothing will change.. there is no need to repeat it, I will not go to the future because life is short.. wow, I had no idea if I was exactly where I wanted to be. But if I had to give an answer, I would probably choose the future. Because even the mistakes I had done in the past were mistakes I had to experience. You know, some people want to correct their mistakes. But there is nothing I want to fix. Whatever happened, happened. Like I said, I wouldn’t want to go to the future either. I am very curious about the surprises that life will bring me. But I’d like to see where I’ve gotten academically. After all, changing my future is more important than changing my past. And if they give me a chance to take a step towards my future, I will use it to the fullest. Besides my academic steps, I would like to see how the world will turn out in the future. As Einstein said, I wonder if the 4th World War will really consist of stones and sticks. People are the worst thing that can happen to this world. I want to see what will happen to the world 100 years from now. So if I could use the time machine twice, I would visit either the distant future or the near future. But it should not be surprising that when I am only 15 years old, the answer to this question would be future . I know my answer will be past as time goes on. After all, I have been in this world for  15 years. And of course, I can’t say that I have big mistakes and mistakes that I want to change.

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