Distant Reflections

Humankind has never wanted to appreciate what they have in life,they just wanted more and devoured their life with the hunger to consume.Some people may call this the point where the capitalist order brought us but for me,this life was exactly the bondage zone that we wanted to see behind the eye patch.

Humans are actually blessed with pure light in their hearts from the first moment they are born.In no way,neither the sins of their fathers nor the place of their birth would be a birden on their necks.But not all of these pure children always stayed like this.Time passed innocent children grew up and said their first words,they started walking, They learned about social judgment and the questionable right and wrong of the geography they grew up in.When they came to the age of youth and began to reach their minds about certain things, instead of  the blessed light in their hearts,some of them planted the seeds of eternal darkness and these seeds would begin to give their first sprouts. However,we should not forget that some of them have pushed life to plant these seeds.Some of them made their own choices.The feeling of jealousy appeared when this feeling took root in whole heart. Jealousy gave its place to grudge,anger and hatred.You will never be worthy of happiness as long as your hatred of the bourgeois comes only from the ambition to replace them and become and bourgeois.The people we call bourgeois are people who are at a higher level than other individuals in the social economy ranking,and who have supreiority over other individuals in terms of purchasing power and meeting their needs.We can aslo define them as aristocratic people in the old centuries.This is where the foundation of humankind actually comes from,its endless desire and ambition.As I said before,people are born,grow up and some of them plant the seeds of darkness in their hearts,and after a while it turns into hatred.People who are bourgeois are either naturally rich or they are among those who have somehow managed to survive in this endless choppy sea that life drags them.People who could not be bourgeois and did not lose the light of their heart can survive in the unwavering part of that endless sea,but those who are slaves of their own ambition will be burned to ashes like a shirt of fire.Those who wear this shirt of fire are also divided into two; those who endure and those who are born from their ashes.While the sufferers think they are living a happy life,they hide behind the pollyanna mask and continue to live like that until they die. Those born from the ashes are a little different.Until this part, there is no difference between those who wear the shirt and those who endured it.But life hits them so deep one day that they turn into ashes.Only the strong and truly seeking happiness can bless their hearts with pure light again.So far,I have always talked about those with dark hearts.So what happened to those hearts that weren’t blacked? I will tell you right now. They never darkened their hearts, they worked,they did not die and resurrect like others.They did not want more,they tried to make the current situation better.When it did not happen,they were grateful for the current situtation and never gave up.That is why their hearts were not filled with hatred and their hearts were not darkened.

In short, we must not forget that in life.Never,ever, no matter what endless desires and feelings of hatred should not deprive us of our happiness and well-being. Otherwise,we will have neither order nor happiness. Other than, what good will I do unless I have the millions in my pocket, compassion and happiness in my heart.

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