Do Atom Bombs Bring Peace?

In the century we live in, some countries think that atomic bombs will ensure world peace or argue that peace can only be achieved with biological weapons, but do you think world peace can only be achieved with bombs? Or do you think atomic bombs that cause damage even on a small scale, are legal?

As we all know, in this period we live in, competition between countries, or rather wars, has increased with the environmental problems and the changing world. Viruses, turmoil, racism against people, judgment and much more are disrupting the peace in the world. Most countries have started to develop biological weapons, namely atomic bombs, although they are not legal and most of them have already finished it. They have only one reason: to physically destroy the countries they are at war with or are at argue with. Unfortunately, some countries support small-scale atomic bombs and think that this way we can find peace. Personally, I don’t think we can find peace with bombs. It seems to me that bombing this country because of the war causes innocent people to be wrongly punished as well. The deaths of innocent people do not measure up to the big size or little size of the bombs. I think a penalty should be applied to contracts signed but not followed so that these weapons are not used. Likewise, I think that atomic bombs are unconscious. The more it harms people, the more it harms the environment and culture. Atomic bombs contain so many chemicals that the damage done to the environment cannot be restored. It is debatable whether environmental pollution, radiation, and the influence of innocent people bring peace.

If we come to a conclusion, it doesn’t matter how big or small the atomic bomb is. It harms in every way, and unfortunately, the damage is permanent. So atomic bombs are one of the unconscious weapons used to do harm and do not bring peace.

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