Do beliefs actually enslave people?

Since ancient times, human beings have always found a religion or a god to believe in and believed in it, and this way of thinking has survived to the present day. Although there are extremely religious people, there are also people who do not believe in religion as much. Few of the beliefs of the past still exist today. We can say that hundreds of beliefs in our lives are the result of people’s own thoughts. But one of the reasons why there are so many different beliefs is the idea that beliefs enslave people.

According to most of the beliefs, even human life started with religion, so religions never came out of our lives. As with everything, every belief has its own behavior and rules. And if you believe in any religion, you have to follow the rules of that religion. Otherwise, it may end with various consequences such as expulsion from religion. Some people think that these rules impose some restrictions. For example, drinking alcohol is prohibited in most religions. But what does this have to do with religion? Actually, it has nothing to do with it. It’s just something that is banned because it’s a bad habit. Since many things are forbidden without being related to religions, beliefs enter people’s personal lives for a while and impose certain restrictions. In other words, we can say that it enslaves people.

Some people think that beliefs enslave people, yes, but also some people think that beliefs liberate people. If we look from the perspective of people who think about the idea of ​​liberation, maybe we can say that the connection between them and their beliefs liberates them. To be frank, I don’t fully understand people who think that way, or rather, I don’t understand why they think that way. I admit it’s nice to have a belief, but I don’t think it liberates us. Even so, all religions restrict every human being to a certain extent. Some do not comply with the dress code, some behavior. In other words, no religion is completely suitable for every human being.

As a result, I think it is important to have a belief in our lives, it is something like a need for people to have a religion. But I believe that religions restrict and enslave people after a point. Everyone has different views on this issue, different behaviors. The only solution to this situation is people themselves.

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