Do Beliefs Enslave or Liberate People

Faith is devotion to a person, thing, God, any view. Believing is simply believing that it is true. It is a person’s acknowledgment that something is true. Belief: adherence to a thought; sense of trust; opinion, teaching; It means religion, creed, faith, creed. When we say belief, we don’t mean a single thing. The fact that people are prone to simplicity in language has put many meanings into this word. The more faith means, the more different and more the meanings of believing and cognate words.

Everything that a person thinks and does, he or she deeply needs to achieve something or to deep into himself immediately before something painful is for salvation. all about religion These two poles should be kept in mind in questioning. is the property of religion: what deep desire of man is religion? to quench their tears or to which rescuing from suffering/pain and liberating? Insaru don’t act What is the underlying motive? Fear- to be sure of their to get something? Question about liberation The question to be asked is, under what conditions does the man of religion live? liberated from them or what?

Let’s examine religions and their characteristics There are 4 religions in total in the world. The names of the four religions are Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. These religions are the religions with the most supporters and believers. Besides these, there are other religions as well. However, the number of believers or adherents of these religions is small. Examples of these are: Jainism, Sikhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Tenrikyo and Zoroastrianism. In addition, there is a group that does not believe in any religion. This group does not believe in any god or religion. In the religious literature, they are called atheists, and their disbelief is called atheism. As we have mentioned, each religion we have mentioned has its own characteristics. However, Islam, Christianity and Judaism are religions sent down to earth by the same God, by Allah. Download times are different.  The religion of Islam is the last religion in existence. People who follow the religion of Islam are called Muslims. Islam is first and foremost a religion of love and peace. They always preach love and peace. It is also a unifying religion. It is a religion that wants to include everyone, aims to unite everyone and does not discriminate. Christianity, like Islam, believes in a single God. The Prophet and the person they see as holy, Hz. is Jesus. Through Jesus, people who belong to this religion communicate with God. Christians do not believe in the common belief that “God had sexual intercourse with Mary”. The holy book they believe in is the Bible. Judaism is also a monotheistic religion. The holy book that the Jews believe in is the Torah. Buddhism is a religion that originated in India and was believed by the Indians but then spread.

In conclusion, I am on the side of the view that religion liberates. Because even though religion and belief contain rules, it encourages people to be good and makes them feel peaceful when they worship.

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