Do You Have Expectations From 2022?

Imagine, when you woke up on the first day of 2022, covid would go. Would you be surprised? Would you be waiting for this, or do you feel relaxed?


I’m excited for the new year, are you excited too? Expectations always happen but there is always something that you know you can not reach but you still want that. First of all, I want my family to be healthy. I think everyone wants that. Because everyone loves their family unrequited. And my second claim is will be succeeded at the end of the year. I want to live in a great year. For example, I do not want to be covid in 2022 or I do not want to graduate in a bad way. 2021 was a good year for me, I do not know on your part, but I think it could be way better. I succeeded in the LGS exam but I could have more succeeded if I had worked more. But there is always be bad things, and my worst thing was becoming an ordinary person. Before the LGS year I was playing basketball a lot. Actually, I had to play basketball because I was a basketball player, I am still a basketball player but, I am not good like those times. I was good at basketball before Covid but now I am an average player. My first big wish is to become a great player again and be a champion in the local league. Another big wish, as I said before, I want to graduate in the best way. After the LGS exam, I started working hard. I was studying a lot before LGS but, in LGS year I had to study more. If covid would end in 2022, it would be surprising for me because I am so tired and sick of this situation. But I think it will not end in 2022 but it will become innocuous like flu. And also I really want to buy a new steering wheel because I love playing and watching F1. If I bought a new steering wheel, I think I would play F1 a lot.


If covid became innocuous in 2022, I would surprised.  And also if I am champion in 2022, I will cut my hair. I said my expectations but what about you? What are your expectations, what should be done for you?

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