Do It Like a Woman

She had a galaxy in her eyes
A universe in her mind…

     “As a woman, I have no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.”says Virginia Woolf, who has etched her name on minds, hearts and literature. Virginia Woolf has never looked at life through a single window, through a single body, through a single idea. On the contrary, she looked at life with an open soul and an eye in a way that not every person in her era could do. She freed her soul from the lock of her body because she was a “woman” and opened it to the whole world. As a ”woman”, she announced her voice to the whole world in her fictions written by her.

     “I detest the masculine point of view. I am bored by his heroism, virtue, and honour. I think the best these men can do is, not talk about themselves anymore.”

     Despite the male domination, gender inequality, otherness, trials, devaluations, prejudices, backward mentality, murders of women and violence in her era, she never loses hope and desire to live as a “woman” despite the life of Virginia Woolf. She is stubborn about everyone and the backward mentality of her era, and she takes her pen in her hands more willingly every time.

“If you like, put a lock on your bookshelves; but there is no lock, no deadbolt, no door that you can close to hit the freedom of my mind.’’

“Because women have lived in houses for millions of years, and now these walls are pierced by their creative forces.”

Despite the fact that many centuries have passed since she lived, we, as a “woman”, are still struggling with the difficulties of that time. Our thoughts, which are being tried to be suppressed, are in a bloodier battle than ever with the bigoted ideas of society, and we, as a “woman”, have no intention of losing. We are now more crowded and more shouting for this purpose. And most significantly: We, as a ”woman”, are taking more confident and powerful steps than ever before for a more equal, freer and more livable world by breaking social taboos just like her. Moreover;  I, as a ”woman”; in my life I follow her principles in my path, I take her ideas as an example for myself.

“Earn money, create a separate room of your own and free time. And, write without thinking about what men say!”

“Why did women drink water when men drink wine? Why was one of the breeds so wealthy, and the other so poor?”

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