Do we have the time to stop global warming?

With the invention of steam engines by James Watt in the 18th century, machines became popular among manufacturers. These machines were incredibly handful for continuous production and since all they needed was fuel and some maintenance. They were powered by burning fuels such as coal which would emit greenhouse gases. Since then, the human population have increased. So, to meet the demand, more factories launched. Also, people started to use these fuels for transportation and energy production, increasing the emission of greenhouse gases. 

Last 20 years, many nations experienced environmental issues because of global warming caused by these gases mainly. Nowadays, experts comment that our situation is getting hopeless and desperate. However, is it too late to stop this global warming? Of course, it depends on our habits although, some scientists do not agree. But before that, let’s take a deeper look at global warming.

Global warming is the long term temperature increase of average temperature around the world. Global warming causes climate change which is abnormal climate change in different regions across the globe. Global warming, as I mentioned, is the result of the greenhouse effect of greenhouse gases. But how do these gases increase the temperature?

Ordinarily, when a ray enters our atmosphere and hits the ground. Some of the energy is absorbed, and the rest reflects. However, these greenhouse gases keep these rays inside, which causes heating. These temperature changes impact climate. 

CO2, one of the most common greenhouse gases, is measured with ppm (parts per million) in the air. CO2 ppm was steady before Industrial Revolution. After that, CO2 ppm increased exponentially to over 400 ppm level. Nowadays, this value is still raising. Back to our question, is it possible to prevent global warming, or are we late?

According to some scientists, if we don’t take action now, it’ll be over. We need to stop emitting high amounts of greenhouse gases. Even if we do, we will still have to cope with climate change for some time. So yes, we are not late yet, but that doesn’t mean that we can relax. As individual beings, we can take simple measures that might seem effectless. However, if each one of us does something at least, there will be drastic changes.

To conclude, global warming is an issue we need to deal with right and decide our future. We can do small things, and governments can make agreements to decrease their emissions. It’s not too late, but it will be.

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