Do We Need Weapons For Peace

Some countries are working on armament in order to keep the peace. There are even some countries that have the idea of ​​making atomic bombs, albeit on a small scale, in order to preserve world peace. So, can peace be achieved in the world in such a situation? In my opinion, this is the most important issue that will lead the world away from peace; weapons .The idea of ​​a world at peace is amazing. The idea of ​​a world where there is no fights, no hate, just love and good feelings. While this may not seem realistic, we young people can do a lot to make the world a better and more peaceful place.

First, we must understand what peace really is. Peace can mean different things to different people. For a mother, it can be her child’s smile. It may be your favorite song. For some, it can be an opportunity to make an impact. I believe that the first and most important thing to achieve is peace of mind and inner peace.So what can we do to ensure world peace?The world cannot stand on its own feet. The world gains a meaning when people live in societies due to their nature. It means that people share a certain geography by forming a society in unity and solidarity, and they make a certain destiny partnership. The most important feelings and thoughts that ensure the unity and solidarity of people are the understanding of brotherhood and the preservation of peace and order. The fact that people act with a sense of brotherhood by thinking of others before themselves plays the most effective role in establishing an environment of peace. For this reason, before saying me first, it is necessary to find ways to be us and understand the other person.In order to spread peace, tranquility and well-being in the world, people should be aware of their humanitarian and conscientious duties and responsibilities, and they should continue the phenomena such as sharing, helping, and solidarity, and for this, they should come together and continue international work in a sincere, honest and moral manner. Humanitarian aid, human relations, coexistence of cultures, freedom of religion and conscience, and acceptance by all will lead to the establishment and experience of feelings of brotherhood and peace. For this reason, a human-first life can be lived as a life full of peace and tranquility. In this way, it is possible for people to live in a just order.

As a result, everything is in the hands of man. He makes the world accept whatever he wants, and he can do it very easily. It is similar to maintaining world peace. It is about the will of man.


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