Do We Really Need It?

Some students argue if there should be homework or not but if students don’t have homework at home do you really think they will study what they have learned at school?

It is important for the students to revise what they learned in order not to forget about it. Even if the students don’t realise the effects of it now, they will  see it and be thankful when they grow up. As Robert Collier said ‘Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.’That’s how they will become successful too.

Others say they get tired during the day ‘as if 9 hours isn’t enough why do we need to study when we go home too?’ they say.They are also right but this is going to decide their future so they just need to try a little more. WHO(World Health Organization) shows that 67 percent of the students succeed when they do their homework.

So, what I mean is that every little work matters, even if you can’t do the work or even if you don’t have much time. Just 15 minutes of studying will be enough each day and teachers help you bu giving you tests to do. But instead of giving much homework they can give effective homework.Not quantity, quality is important.

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