Do You Commit Crimes For Help

In this world, if people don’t help each other, everyone dies on their own. For the simplest example, even when you run out of salt, you ask your neighbor for salt, or when you get sick, you go to the hospital and ask the nurse to give you medicine. When your mother goes out, she even asks someone to take care of you so that you are not alone. And if the subject here is a child in particular need of help, how can a person stop helping? Because after all, that kid didn’t choose to be that way under that condition.


I think children are one of the most innocent creatures in the world, how can you withstand them? So in any case, if I see a child in that situation, I will commit that crime even with my eyes closed, and if it makes me a bad person, it can do it because I know my purpose there and I feel comfortable. For example, I can’t understand some people, how can they be so insensitive?Even though a beggar boy we saw on the street knocks on the windows and asks for money, they do not even turn their heads. When we ask them, they say that the child does not receive the money himself, to put them at ease, and they ignore it. But I think it’s ridiculous to think about the outcome while doing a good deed, because even if that money doesn’t go to that child, we do it to help him, and it’s not the result that matters, but the purpose for which it was done. It is not a crime that I have committed because of this obligation, after all, no one is forcing me to do it. Even if I have committed a crime out of necessity, I will pay whatever the penalty is. If I don’t help someone who needs help, no one will help me tomorrow when I need something. Because why would they help? Helping a bad person, a person who humiliates his friends and does not get along with anyone, does not come from anyone’s heart. And I believe that someone who always does good in this life will find good.


So, if a person is not good, you don’t even need to value him because you live what you give in life, and after you become a good person, no matter what anyone says, you don’t need to care about other people’s opinions as long as you are comfortable with it. In short, I would do anything to feed a hungry child, and even if it would make me a bad person, I would have peace of mind.

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