Do You Feel Like Your Own Age?

If I could be independent of calenders. I would be probably in my twenties. Because I am away from my parents. I went to another city for my education. I am in a city that I have never lived in before. I am living with people that I never saw five months ago. I am eating food from someone’s hand, not my mother’s. I am cleaning my dishes with my own hands. I am cleaning my clothes on my own. I see my friends when I woke up, not my family. I am sleeping with my friends, not my siblings. At this age, that kind of living style is not that common I think. My parents are living in Eskişehir. I am living in Ankara. The cities where we live are not that far away from each other. But I can not see them when the moment I want. When I get sick I have to take care of myself. Because no one will be here for you except your family.

I am fifteen years old and I am living the life of someone who is twenty years old. The idea was mine. My parents never pushed me for it. I want it. And I think I get used to the conditions of this life. In the dormitory, with the people that in your ages or maximum four-year older than you. How it can be difficult and boring? Everything is according to schedule. Your study time, your dinner time everything is in order. This monotonous life sounds too good to you maybe. But it is not. I can go away from school only on weekends. And the time is limited. Living 24/7 in school is too boring sometimes.


5 months ago I was living my best life probably. Before 2021 summer, I was getting ready for to LGS exam and doing my sport, eating healthy. And assuming that I live in another city, away from everyone. That seems me the best option for me in that part. But when you experiment with it. You understand that it is not like in your dreams.

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