If your boss asked you to do more or less work than you could handle, would you tell them? What if they asked if it was possible for you to work overtime?

Before answering, think about how the answer could affect the way your employer sees you. It may be tempting to say yes because it means more money, but that doesn’t mean that excess hours are manageable. If your physical or mental health can’t take the pressure, this ultimatum will likely end up hurting both of you.

Example Japan the quarter of workers works 80 hours a week and if we think these quarter workers work 7 days a week and they don’t have holiday they work 11 hours a day and 10% of workers in japan they work more than a 100 hours a week.And if we search the standard working hours are 9:00 am. to 5:00 pm , Monday to Friday,and it means 8 hours a day 40 hours a week and the Finland trying to decrease they work hours less than 8 hours per day.And if we look these result we can say all around the world works hour can be change and some countries to other countries and the world should be decide to one standard work hour.

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